Edible Gelatin in boxed package: 500g/box

Everyone loves mousse cakes or jelly, and many families also love to make their own mousse cake or jelly.  In this way, they can share the pleasure of making dessert with their family. We Gelken offer edible bovine gelatin powder and fish gelatin powder in boxed package, and each box contains 500g edible bovine gelatin or fish gelatin.  

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This kind of product is not only suitable for the people like you who love dessert making, but also suitable for the supermarket to retail.  We design the packaging box and customize the food gelatin powder to make it easier for you to use.  Of course, if you would like to customize the outer packing box, you only need to provide the plane design of the box and your company information, we can produce the outer packing box you like and print your company information in the box.  We can meet your every need.


  Edible bovine gelatin or fish gelatin is really popular now.  Bovine gelatin or fish gelatin not only has many health benefits, but it's also easy to use and won't break your budget like some other superfoods.

1. Gelatin helps fight wrinkles

Yes, wrinkles are actually caused when the collagen in our skin starts to break down and cause skin wrinkles. Gelatin alone may not completely eliminate wrinkles, but it can help maintain skin elasticity and combat signs of aging.

2. Gelatin contains amino acids that are lacking in modern diets

When our ancestors butchered an animal, they ate it "head to tail."This means that every part of the animal can be used. Today, most of us eat only animal muscles. As a result, we get a lot of certain amino acids, but not enough others.This imbalance can lead to inflammation. By eating gelatin, you can add those missing amino acids back into your diet and correct the imbalance.

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