• Pet Collagen

    Pet Collagen

    The protein content of pet collagen is high, and the protein content is more than 85%, Its nutrition is comprehensive. It contains more than 18 kinds of amino acids, and contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, selenium and other essential minerals and trace elements.

  • Industrial Collagen

    Industrial Collagen

    Our industrial collagen containing 18kinds of amino acids, high nutritional value, strong function, collagen is a good natural physiological activity substance. The hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine is unique in the collagen amino acids.

    Gelken Gelatin is a pure, high-quality protein food produced by high-quality animal raw materials and the most advanced industrial facilities. Gelatin comes from pigs, beef or fish. Careful selection of raw materials is the basis of gelatin production to ensure product safety and quality.

    Gelatin makers use only healthy pigs, cattle and fish as ingredients.

    In addition to moisture and ash, the protein content of Gelatin is more than 85%.It is especially suitable for some products with low salt, low sugar and high protein positioning. Besides providing protein for the product, it can also provide some special structure for the product.

  • Hard Empty Capsule

    Hard Empty Capsule

    Hard empty capsule is made of edible grade pharmaceutical gelatin after fine processing and auxiliary materials for holding solid powder, particles of the egg – shaped hollow shell. Capsule shell has good bioavailability and can dissolve quickly, reliably and safely.

  • Feed Grade Collagen

    Feed Grade Collagen

    Feed grade collagen is made of selected animal skin and bone as raw material, and is produced in strict accordance with the food processing technology and environment. It is refined through enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration, high-temperature sterilization, spray drying and other processes. 

  • Bone Glue Bead

    Bone Glue Bead

    Bone glue bead is one of the most widely used animal bonding materials. Its characteristics are: good bonding performance, high strength, less moisture, drying fast, good bonding finalization, and low price, easy to use, especially suitable for bonding and pasting hardcover book sealing shell, it can get good results.

  • Bone Ash

    Bone Ash

    Bone ash is a white crystal or powder obtained after the defatted bone block is calcined at 1300 ℃.The raw materials we choose are strictly selected and we pursue high quality products.

  • Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules from Gelken

    Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules from Gelken

    Gelken Gelatin supplies hard empty gelatin capsules. The hard empty capsules are composed of a cap and a body capsule shell made of medicinal gelatin and auxiliary materials. They are mainly used for holding solid and liquid medicine, such as self-made powder, health care products, medicine, etc. 


  • Paintball for Entertainment

    Paintball for Entertainment

    A paintball is a round capsule with colored liquid paint contained within. A paintball has a thin outer shill, and a liquid core. The average size of a paintball is .69 inch in diameter. The liquid core is washable, non-toxic, non-caustic, and biodegradable. The splatter on clothing comes out in one cycle through the washing machine.