• Edible Gelatin in boxed package: 500g/box

    Edible Gelatin in boxed package: 500g/box

    Everyone loves mousse cakes or jelly, and many families also love to make their own mousse cake or jelly.  In this way, they can share the pleasure of making dessert with their family. We Gelken offer edible bovine gelatin powder and fish gelatin powder in boxed package, and each box contains 500g edible bovine gelatin or fish gelatin.  

  • 300 bloom edible gelatin with high viscosity

    300 bloom edible gelatin with high viscosity

    We Gelken Gelatin have recently launched edible gelatin with high gel strength and high viscosity. The gel strength can reach 300 Bloom or 320Bloom and the viscosity is greater than 3.5 mpa.s.

  • Food Gelatin

    Food Gelatin

    Food gelatin is widely used in the candy industry. One of them is that it acts as a natural source of protein, and has many functions such as gelatinous, foaming, emulsifying and water locking. These functions are very important for meeting the needs of candy production. In addition, gelatin also has the sensory characteristics of “transparent” and “taste neutral”, which can meet the needs of consumers for the color and flavor of candy. Transparent properties can provide gummy gummy appearance. Gelatin has no special flavor, so you can use it to make all kinds of flavor products, such as fruit series, drink series, chocolate series, even salty series and so on.

    The dissolution of food gelatin can be carried out in two steps. The first step is to make the food gelatin absorb water and expand for about 30 minutes in cold boiled water. The second step is to heat water (after boiling and cooling to 60-70 ℃) to the expanded food gelatin or heat it to make the food gelatin dissolve into the required gelatin solution.

  • Bovine Gelatin

    Bovine Gelatin

    Bovine Gelatin is extracted from bovine hide/bone, it is widely used in food industry.

    Bovine Gelatin can be used alone or in combination with other colloids in the production of confectionery. As edible gelatin powder, bovine gelatin is widely used in the production of gel candies, liquor core sugar, yogurt ingot sugar, licorice sugar, fruit flavored Swiss sugar and other products.

  • Halal Gelatin

    Halal Gelatin

    Gelken as a professional gelatin manufacturer, can provide Halal gelatin with full certification. And we focus on the Halal gelatin for many years. The main market of our halal gelatin are all over the world, especially in India, Vietnam, Thailand and so on. What we pursue is to make our products the best.

    Halal gelatin, it means that the gelatin was produced without any porcine based products

    As food grade gelatin, halal gelatin is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids which are necessary for the human body. Halal gelatin is widely used in the food industry and is a good quality food additive.

  • Fish Gelatin

    Fish Gelatin

    As one of the biggest gelatin suppliers and manufacturers of China, Gelken can provide fish gelatin with competitive quality and price. We have exported our fish gelatin to South America, Europe,Vietnam, Thailand, India and Korea and some other country.

    For fish gelatin, we are very concern about the raw material. It must be clean and from fresh fish. And the smell are very import for fish gelatin. We use the advanced filter technology to make our fish gelatin with less smell and meet the demand of our clients.

    At the same time, fish gelatin is a kind of food ingredient, which is very suitable for consumers who care about sustainability.

    Fish gelatin is extracted from tilapia fish skin and scales. Gelatin is a common biopolymer, which is prepared from animal connective tissue (such as skin and bone) after pretreatment and transformation, and then extracted at appropriate temperature. 

  • Gelatin for Marshmallow

    Gelatin for Marshmallow

    Many People use gelatin for marshmallow. As gelatin for marshmallow,Its raw materials are the skin, bone, tendon, tendon and scale of fresh cattle, pigs, sheep and fish provided by slaughterhouses, meat factories, canneries, vegetable markets, etc. which have passed the quarantine inspection. The gelatin product is white or light yellow, translucent and glossy flake or powder. It is a colorless, tasteless, non-volatile, transparent and hard non crystalline material.

  • Gelatin For Gummy Candy

    Gelatin For Gummy Candy

    Gelatin for gummy candy is an important ingredient and additive in food industry. Edible gelatin is often used as food thickener, gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier and clarifier in meat products, cakes, ice cream, beer, jelly, canned products and juice products.And many people use gelatin for gummy candy. Edible gelatin is pale yellow, unscented, flavorless, hydrolyzed and granular.  Gelatin for gummy candy is extracted from fresh, unprocessed bovine hides/bones, and it is a high molecular weight protein (without fat and cholesterol) composed of 18 amino acids.

  • Gelatin 250 Bloom

    Gelatin 250 Bloom

    Xiamen Gelken can provide gelatin from 80 bloom to 280 bloom

  • Gelatin 40 Mesh

    Gelatin 40 Mesh

    According to the mesh, edible gelatin can be divided into five parts as below:

    Gelatin 8 mesh,

    Gelatin20 mesh, 

    Gelatin 30mesh

    Gelatin 40 mesh 

    Gelatin 60 mesh. 

  • Pork Gelatin

    Pork Gelatin

    Pork gelatin, is classified as a natural food, which contains important amino acids. Our pigskin gelatin is a completely digestible protein suitable for human consumption.

  • Kosher Gelatin

    Kosher Gelatin

    Gelken provide kosher gelatin with fully certification and all the procedures of our kosher gelatin are strictly meeting the Kosher requirements. Gelken Kosher gelatin will be easy to be accept by most people.

    Kosherl gelatin is made of bovine bone. It is clean and free of impurities, with high light transmittance and clear lattice. Kosher gelatin has instant solubility. When making baked food such as mousse cake, kosher gelatin can be dissolved by soaking in cold water for one minute. When making frozen milk, pudding and other desserts, kosher gelatin can be directly put into the ingredients for heating and stirring.

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