High quality Pure natural animal feed grade collagen is packed in bags: 20kg/bag

Feed grade collagen is made of selected animal skin and bone as raw material, and is produced in strict accordance with the food processing technology and environment. It is refined through enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration, high-temperature sterilization, spray drying and other processes. 

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Feed grade collagen is known as the milk powder of animals because of its high value and nutrition. Has the following advantages:

High protein content, nutrition, protein content of more than 90%, rich in more than 18 kinds of amino acids, and contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, selenium and other animal essential minerals and trace elements.

It can be used for chicken, pig and other kinds of feeding, can promote its growth, improve the appearance of animals.

Feed grade collagen is used in aquatic feed, with more amino acid combination and abundant glycine, which is not only a good food attractant but also has the effect of promoting growth. At the same time, this product is also a good adhesive for aquatic feed. The appearance of pellet feed or puffed aquatic feed produced after using this product is smooth and tidy, the breakage rate is significantly reduced, the stable retention time of bait in water is improved, and the water pollution is reduced.

Application in feed industry

1. Replace imported fish meal for the production of mixed and compound feed

Hydrolyzed collagen, as a nutritional additive of animal protein, has been used to replace or partially replace imported fish meal in the production of mixed feed and compound feed, and its feeding effect and economic benefit are better than imported fish meal.

2. Used as a binder for pellet feed

Adding 1%-3% hydrolysate collagen in pellet feed can obviously increase the granulation effect. Suitable for aquatic feed, not only improve the content of crude protein, and easy to fish and shrimp feeding, improve feed pay, prevent water pollution.

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