Fish Gelatin for Food

Gel Strength: 200-260 bloom

Viscosity: Customized solutions

Particle Size: usually 8-60 mesh or custimized solutions

Package: 25kg/bag,PE bag inside, paper bag outside

Certification: FDA,ISO,GMP,HALAL,Kosher,Veterinary health certification

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Fish Gelatin is usually used as a kind of important ingredient for food industries, especially for gummies, jelly and nutrition bar. Gelken usually provide 200-240 bloom Fish gelatin for food manufacture.

Different gel strengths and viscosities allow our fish gelatin to be used in different food productions. We offer different solutions for confectionery and beverage production, like gummy candies, jelly,nutrition bars and etc. Our 200-240 bloom and 2.5-4.0 mpa.s or other customized solutions can meet the various needs of healthy food producers.

For fish gelatin,we are very concern about its raw materials, that is, fish skin. Our fish gelatin is 100% extracted from tilapia fish skin, and the skin must be clean and fresh. We also use the advanced filter technology to make our fish gelatin pure, smellless and ordorless to meet the requirements of our customers.

We offer a range of certificates for fish gelatin: FDA, ISO, GMP, HALAL, Kosher certificates. In addition, with 15000 tons capacity, we guarantee the fast time delivery and stable supply.

Now we export our Fish gelatin to Canada, USA, Russia, Tailand, Phillipines and etc. The quality of our products ensures that your food production process is efficient and the quality of your finished product is consistent. We also provide 100% after-sales service.

Our Package: 25kg/bag, PE bag inside, paper bag outside. 
Custom clearance documents: Certificate of Analysis; Veterinary Health certificate; Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, Packing List and Commercial Invoice.

Gelken can provide 100-500g free sample for your testing before placing orders

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