Gelatin for Tablets

Raw Material: Bovine Hide

Jelly Strength: 80-120 bloom (or customized solutions)

Viscosity: 2.5-4.0 mpa.s (or customized solutions)

Particle Size: 8 mesh(or customized solutions)

Package: 25KG/Bag,PE bag inside, paper bag outside.

Certification: FDA,ISO,GMP,HALAL,Veterinary health certification

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Gelatin can be used in softgels and hard capsules.And it can also be used in the tablets.

As we know, oil-based vitamins, such as vitamin A or E, are poorly dispersed in water and are very sensitive to light and oxygen.Gelken gelatin can play a key role in these applications.The emulsifying properties of gelatin can make the vitamin drops evenly distributed in the gelatin solution. Through special spray drying process, the solution is converted into free flowing powder.So we can know gelatin coating protects vitamins from light or oxygen.

The gelatin for tablets use 100% bovine hide,and we have full certificatin and internatinal management to keep the quality stable.

Gelken can provide 100-500g free sample or 25-200KG bulk order for your test

Test Criterion:China Pharmacopoeia2015 edition 2 For Tablet
Physical and Chemical Items  
1.  Jelly Strength (6.67%) 100-180bloom
2.  Viscosity (6.67%  60℃)   25-35mps
3  Mesh 4-60mesh
4.  Moisture ≤12%
5.  Ashes(650℃) ≤2.0%
6.  Transparency (5%, 40°C) mm ≥500mm
7.  PH  (1%)  35℃ 5.0-6.5
  1. Electrical Conductivity
  1. H2O2
10.  Transmittance 450nm ≥70%
11. Transmittance 620nm ≥90%
12. Arsenic ≤0.0001%
13. Chrome ≤2ppm
14. Heavy   Metals ≤30ppm
15. SO2 ≤30ppm
16. Insoluble substance in water ≤0.1%
17 .Total  Bacteria  Count ≤10cfu/g
18. Escherichia coli Negative/25g
19. Salmonella Negative/25g


Gelken provide gelatin for tablet over 7 years. We provide gelatin for many pharmaceutical industry such as India, Vietnam, Thailand and so on. At present, we get the good feedback from our clients.

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