3.3g Leaf Gelatin

Weight: 3.3g/pc;300pcs/ box

Jelly Strength: 180 bloom(Copper Grade)

Customized Length: 230cm*72cm, 210cm*72cm

Optional Inner Box: White box or colorful box

Selectable Carton Capacity: 10kg/carton,20kg/carton or 25kg/carton

Certification: FDA,ISO,GMP,HALAL,Kosher,Veterinary health certification

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3.3g gelatin sheet, also known as leaf gelatin, which is extracted from animal skins or bones.

It contains 18 kinds of amino acids and 90% collagen. Gelatin sheets are solidified ingredients and widely used in baking, such as mousse cakes, jellies, puddings, coconut jellies, etc.  Especially it is the best choice for mousse. Jelly and mousse made with leaf gelatin is colorless and tasteless. High-end restaurants use gelatine sheets instead of gelatine powder. Usually one piece of 5g gelatin sheet could be used to make a cup of 250-400ml soft jelly.

Here are four types of leaf gelatine:


Gold 220 2 500 1 20

Silver 200 2.5 400 1 20

Copper 180 3.3 300 1 20

Titanium 150 5 200 1 20

Gelken provides professional customization solution for gelatin sheets, such as customized length, size and packaging. For small quantity, we have ready stock to ensure the fast delivery between 7-10 days.

Storage: Shall be stored in clean and dry warehouse with no pest and rodent, avoid sun exposure and keep the environment ventilated.


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