2.5g Leaf Gelatin

Weight: 2.5g/pc;400pcs/ box

Jelly strength: 200 bloom(Gold Grade)

Customized length : 230cm*72cm, 210cm*72cm

Optional inner box: White box or colorful box

Selectable carton capacity: 10kg/carton,20kg/carton or 25kg/carton

Certification: FDA,ISO,GMP,HALAL,Kosher,VC

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2.5g gelatin sheet is also known as silver gelatin sheet. Normally, the strength of silver gelatin sheet (2.5g) is 200 bloom. The raw material of gelatin sheet is the same as ordinary gelatin, usually be extracted from Bovine Skin, but it is in sheet form. It is mainly used for making mousse cakes and jelly.


Followin is the specification of leaf gelatin:

Test Criterion:GB6783-2013
Physical and Chemical Items Index requirements Testing result
1.  Appearance Pale yellow powder Light yellow pale
2.  Odor(6.67%, 60℃) Odorless Neutral
3.  Moisture % 11.8%
4.  Gel strength(6.67%) ≥200Bloom 208
5.  Viscosity ( mpa.s ) / 3.0
6. Transmission


Wavelength 450nm ≥30% 76%
620nm ≥50% 93%
7.  Ashes Content ≤2.0% 0.4%
8.  Sulfur dioxide ≤30mg/kg 8
9.  Residual Hydrogen Perxide ≤10mg/kg Negative
10.  Water insolubles ≤0.2% <0.1%
11.  Chromium ≤2.0mg/kg 0.5
12.  Arsenic ≤1.0mg/kg <1.0
13.  Plumbum ≤1.5mg/kg 0.1
14.  Coliforms ≤3 Negative/25g
15.  Total Bacteria Count ≤1000CFU/g <10
16.  Salmonella Negative/25g Negative/25g


Storage: Shall be stored in clean and dry warehouse with no pest and rodent, avoid sun exposure and keep the environment ventilated.
Certain free samples cpuld be provieded fpr your testing before placing orders


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