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Collagen nutrition bar–Nourishing, convenient and scientific.

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Collagen nutrition bar is a new meal replacement product of healthy and delicious high fiber cereal bar for people. Collagen nutrition bars available for meal replacement will no longer limit the eating scene, which is more in line with the living habits of young people today.

You'll feel good about eating this collagen nutrition bar: It's made with collagen to support skin, bones and joints and quality fats for sustained energy. Collagen is the glue that holds everything together. As we age, production declines. Our products focus on wellness from within.With the rapid development of nutritious food nowadays, protein is a very popular ingredient.

But in functional foods and dietary supplements, incorporating large amounts of protein into the final product can be problematic.

However, with the help of Gelken advanced production technology,collagen powder can easily be used to produce collagen nutrition bars with up to 35% collagen content.A great deal of technical, nutritional and regulatory expertise is required in order to grasp the development process of products with added value.

We constantly monitor global market and consumer trends to help our customers develop innovative ways to create new products.

Whether from technical support, formulation or concept development, as well as nutritional and regulatory advice, we provide guidance and expertise throughout the value chain to help our clients capture the powerful opportunities for innovative collagen growth in the market.Collagen is mechanically strong, helping to give structure to the body and transmit muscle strength, but less well known is that it is also metabolically active.

Gelken is able to get the right sequence of peptides and deliver the bioactive collagen peptides that are locked in the natural collagen to the body wherever they are needed.Collagen is the best source of collagen supplementation because they stimulate the body to produce more collagen.

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