As a company producing all-natural products, Gelken has a special responsibility for environmental and climate protection. Reducing energy consumption and strengthening climate protection are therefore at the heart of our vision for sustainable development. And actively respond to national policies, make our efforts for sustainable development, but also contribute to the green development of the world belongs to our own strength.

Over the past five years, we have managed to reduce production energy consumption by about 16 percent by investing in efficient energy supply in our plants and by changing production processes to conserve resources. As one of the leading collagen manufacturers in China, we have a responsibility to continuously improve our production methods in an effort to reduce energy and water consumption, reduce emissions and avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

Gelatin, collagen and collagen peptides are natural products. In order to produce natural, high-quality products, we need healthy animals, clean air, clear water and unpolluted flora.

Gelken produces new products from the by-products of the slaughter industry, which are then further processed by our customers. Our modern manufacturing processes can almost completely recycle the raw materials used. In order to achieve efficient and sustainable recycling management, we are always looking for new applications for our by-products. For example, the mineral phosphate produced in gelatin production can be used as fertilizer in agricultural production.By using new equipment in our production, we can reduce the consumption of resources and improve the quality of our products. It is a win-win situation for us.Our pursuit is in the production process that can be green environmental protection, colleagues to improve the quality of products.

As a foreign trading company, GELKEN supports the promotion and improvement of people's quality of life. Gelken hopes to continue to promote progress in the field of sustainability and assume its due social responsibility as a company.

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Post time: Jul-29-2021