In recent years, the international community has paid more and more attention to sustainable development, and consensus has been reached around the world. More than at any time in the history of modern civilization, consumers are actively changing bad habits in the hope of building a better world. It is a human endeavour to use the planet's resources sustainably and responsibly.

The theme of this new wave of responsible consumerism is traceability and transparency, which means that people no longer indifferent to the sources of the food in their mouths, instead they would like to know where it came from, how it was made and whether it meets the increasingly important ethical standards.

Gelatin is highly sustainable and strictly supports animal welfare standards. Gelatin is a kind of multifunctional raw material with the characteristics of persistence.

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The most important thing about gelatin is that it comes from natural sources and is not chemically synthesized, which is different from many other food ingredients on the market.

Gelatin is a safe protein found and extracted from the skin and bones of animals raised by humans. Therefore, gelatin is not only a valuable nutrient, but it also promotes the full use of animals (raised for meat for human consumption), which contributes to a zero-waste food economy.

As an excellent gelatin manufacturer, we Gelken Gelatin have processes in place to ensure full traceability. We ensure the source of raw materials and are committed to providing consumers with a safe product. Throughout the production process, we follow multiple control steps to ensure that gelatin meet all current quality and safety standards.

Another benefit the gelatin industry can offer is that the by-products from the gelatin production process can be used as feed or agricultural fertilizer, or even as fuel, further contributing to gelatin's contribution to the zero-waste economy.

Post time: Aug-04-2021